Mahmoodpur Aminia Madrashah

Mahmudpur Aminia Senior Alim Madrasa was established in the year 1956 AD by Hazrat Maulana Allama Ruhul Amin (R.H.), the author of many books, Alemkul Shiromani Peer Kamel of Undivided Bengal, Alipur Union No. 7 under Satkhira Sadar Upazila, and the then Caliph Alhaj Shah Sufi Fazlul Karim. (Rah) assigned the responsibility of care. He worked tirelessly for the betterment of the institution throughout his life. 

Currently, the institution is being managed by a regular governing body and an experienced teaching staff.

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    Mahmoodpur Aminia Madrashah
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    School and Madrasha
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