Dulai High School Alumni Association

Dulai High School Alumni Association (DHSAA) has the following objectives as a non-political and welfare oriented organization Will be directed towards the achievement

To create opportunities for acquaintance among the alumni of Dulai High School and To keep in mind the spirit of sympathy and cooperation among them. Lectures, rallies, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions and travels by the Association organize. To take initiative to publish bulletins, periodicals, books; To come forward with his help on the basis of his application to the needs of the members of the Association. Donation of financial assistance to poor and meritorious students of Dulai High School and the school Play a role in development

A welfare fund to work for national disasters and the needs of the country and society to form and undertake public welfare work in the form of funds. Individuals who are making special contribution to the establishment and development of Dulai High School Arranging for the awarding of honors.

Collaborative with similar and similar organizations at national and international level conduct activities. To take other activities to help in achieving the above mentioned goals and objectives.

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    Dulai High School Alumni Association
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    Student welfare
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    bdDevs Team
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    bdDevs Team


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